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Lucifer’s Lexicon by L.A. Rollins

(Originally published in SALON: A Journal of Aesthetics) Are you in need of someone to convince you that things are awful and will only degenerate; that people basically suck and many are even worse than that; and that you personally … Continue reading

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Audio book narrators, oh, puh-leeeze!

Actually, it’s only a tiny percentage of audio book readings that have something weird going on. I’ve heard zillions of paragraphs nobly read, and even written fan mail to my favorite narrator, George Guidall, whose performances are stellar. What sounds … Continue reading

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Fire the Editor

The novel: Another Thing to Fall The author: Laura Lippman – who who sells a lot of books. (Way more than me, for sure. That’s not the point here. The point is, to strike a blow for literacy and so … Continue reading

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Zeitoun by Dave Eggers wins Dayton Literary Peace Prize

This is the appalling true story of a New Orleans family caught in the aftermath of the Katrina storm. The family members are Abdulrahman Zeitoun, originally from Syria; his American wife (a convert to Islam), and their 4 children. Before … Continue reading

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The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays

Yes, I’ve been very much wanting to say something about this volume published by Nine-Banded Books. I kept putting it off, because I read “The Myth of Natural Rights,” which is the anchor of the collection, a few years ago, … Continue reading

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