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Angela Davis, May 16, 1980

I could have sworn this event was held at Santa Monica College (hey, it was almost 40 years ago, okay?) but apparently it was at Lincoln Auditorium, a 550-seat theater at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica. Definitely it was … Continue reading

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Sandra Bland and the Woeful Miscalculation

All the cop murders are tragic, and each death has had a particularly poignant detail that tugs at the heartstrings. But every so often, the brutes kill someone who really wins the hearts of the people, and then oh shit, … Continue reading

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Another Brand of Irrelevant Nonsense around Kendrick Johnson

Screw the trolls who report that Kendrick Johnson lived with his grandmother, as if they had ferreted out some kind of shameful secret. One source says it was so he would be in the right area to attend Lowndes High … Continue reading

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What Would You Die For?

NOTE This was published first by, on June 29, 2006, and I’ll always be grateful to Marc Madow for the indulgence and patience in getting it together. Because there was also a third person involved, who actually constructed the … Continue reading

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The Problem with Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda has been called the most controversial figure in the history of anthropology. In some circles, he’s regarded as an academic who stepped over the line and “went native.” (Which is not a bad thing in itself.) Others regard … Continue reading

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Zeitoun by Dave Eggers wins Dayton Literary Peace Prize

This is the appalling true story of a New Orleans family caught in the aftermath of the Katrina storm. The family members are Abdulrahman Zeitoun, originally from Syria; his American wife (a convert to Islam), and their 4 children. Before … Continue reading

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The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays

Yes, I’ve been very much wanting to say something about this volume published by Nine-Banded Books. I kept putting it off, because I read “The Myth of Natural Rights,” which is the anchor of the collection, a few years ago, … Continue reading

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