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Lucifer’s Lexicon by L.A. Rollins

(Originally published in SALON: A Journal of Aesthetics) Are you in need of someone to convince you that things are awful and will only degenerate; that people basically suck and many are even worse than that; and that you personally … Continue reading

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What Would You Die For?

NOTE This was published first by, on June 29, 2006, and I’ll always be grateful to Marc Madow for the indulgence and patience in getting it together. Because there was also a third person involved, who actually constructed the … Continue reading

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Church and Public School

(Originally published by with the title “Bootleg Bibles Passed Around the Playground?” Jan 10, 2006) Evolution, versus intelligent design or whatever they’re calling the God theory these days: why is this such a huge issue? It’s not as if … Continue reading

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The Problem with Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda has been called the most controversial figure in the history of anthropology. In some circles, he’s regarded as an academic who stepped over the line and “went native.” (Which is not a bad thing in itself.) Others regard … Continue reading

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Day 51 Revisited – The Mount Carmel Massacre a.k.a. “Waco”

The mental health profession recognizes a thing called an “anniversary reaction”. When a loved one dies, or some other traumatic event happens, the subconscious mind may commemorate the anniversary, even if the conscious mind isn’t paying attention. The mind or … Continue reading

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Spirituality and Homelessness

For Christians, it should be easy and clear-cut. Jesus challenges his believers, first, to imagine themselves in his role. The follower of Jesus aims to do what Jesus himself would do–help, heal, give, care. If you put yourself in Jesus’ … Continue reading

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