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Kendrick Johnson – Plenty of Blame to Go Around

A lot of people are upset because a college revoked the athletic scholarship it had offered to a high school student. But was it lost? The news says “pending a federal investigation.” Pending carries the meaning of awaiting, or until. … Continue reading

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My Kendrick Johnson Questions

The name of Kendrick Johnson was unknown to me until a few hours ago, and since then I’ve been looking at videos on YouTube and reading stuff here and there. My questions might have been answered already by someone intelligent … Continue reading

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Waco is a Four-Letter Word

(Originally published April 9, 2003) Ten years ago this month more than 80 people were shot or incinerated at Mt. Carmel, Texas. The multi-racial community, led by David Koresh, was made up of Christians who played music, worked on their … Continue reading

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Giving, Government and God: One Year After

(Originally published September 25, 2002) After the attacks on New York and the Pentagon, it was enlightening to read news from elsewhere, like the BBC and Pravda. The mirror hasn’t been invented yet to let us “see ourselves as other … Continue reading

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Snitches and Headlights: One Year After

(Originally published September 10, 2002) For our safety, Mr. Ashcroft got the government to spend lots of money to beef up Neighborhood Watch, run by the Sheriffs’ Association, supervised by FEMA. We also got TIPS – the Terrorist Information and … Continue reading

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The Death of Irony: Reports are Exaggerated

(written October 2001) They say September 11 was the day irony died. Yet I believe irony lives. Plenty of it can be found in the way things are so different, depending on which part of the earth’s surface you happened … Continue reading

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