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A Logic Troll Debunked

Here are some superficially reasonable-seeming words from a logic troll, in a not quite offensively sarcastic tone: Come on man, dozens of police, including black officers, covered up the murder of this poor black child. Usually they catch murderers, but … Continue reading

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Why Killer Cops will Keep Getting Away with It

People ask, “Where are the good cops? Why don’t they speak up? Why don’t they prevent these atrocities?” A killer cop says, “I was in fear for my life” and that absolves him of anything. He could stomp a baby … Continue reading

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For God’s Sake, Don’t Breathalyze the Judge!

(Originally published by the late lamented Earthblog.net, October 24, 2006) Any watcher of TV shows and movies about crime, any reader of detective novels, learns one ubiquitous and eternal rule: do not kill a police officer. It’s the crime you’re … Continue reading

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A Great Mystery: the Tattoo

In the category of human behavior, there are quite a few things where I’m like, “Why on earth would they do that?” Sometimes it’s only a passing thought. Other times, the sense of wonder lingers. Here’s an example of the … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Death Trip

From 1885 to 1890, a photographer named Van Schaick exposed more than 30,000 photographic plates to record the life of a small American town. In Wisconsin Death Trip, Michael Lesy has blended a selection of these images with quotations from … Continue reading

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