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The Lapin Story

In college I’d been real interested in the whole question of how kids learn things. My daughter was 3 or 4, and had been diagnosed as almost totally deaf. I wanted to get an idea of how her reasoning skills … Continue reading

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Waco is a Four-Letter Word

(Originally published April 9, 2003) Ten years ago this month more than 80 people were shot or incinerated at Mt. Carmel, Texas. The multi-racial community, led by David Koresh, was made up of Christians who played music, worked on their … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Death Trip

From 1885 to 1890, a photographer named Van Schaick exposed more than 30,000 photographic plates to record the life of a small American town. In Wisconsin Death Trip, Michael Lesy has blended a selection of these images with quotations from … Continue reading

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Sexism Starts Here

Sexism is the product of the patriarchy, and the patriarchy must die. One way to help kill it is to end the genital mutilation of male infants, abbreviated here as RNC (routine neonatal circumcision). Sisters, stay with me. Yes, we … Continue reading

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