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Does Censorship Work?

(Originally published May 4, 2006 by Earthblog.net, of late lamented memory) Does censorship work? The answer is yes. But it’s a trick question. Because what censorship succeeded in doing around here this week is what it so often does: arouses … Continue reading

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The WTF Network

The great thinker Voltaire went to an orgy and had a good time, but declined a follow-up invitation. He said, “Once is philosophy, twice is perversion.” That’s how I feel about watching the WTF Network. Here’s the setup: Out on … Continue reading

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(Originally published at Earthblog.net) When I think of America, the picture in my mind is not the Statue of Liberty or the flag, but the Loompanics Unlimited catalog. Loompanics is the apotheosis – a word I’ve always craved the opportunity … Continue reading

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