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A Logic Troll Debunked

Here are some superficially reasonable-seeming words from a logic troll, in a not quite offensively sarcastic tone: Come on man, dozens of police, including black officers, covered up the murder of this poor black child. Usually they catch murderers, but … Continue reading

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Killer Gym Mats in History

In 1971, prisoners at the Old Idaho Penitentiary were angry about such conditions as overcrowding, and dead rats in the water pipes. They burned down the prison bakery and the Social Services building, which used to be the hospital. Three … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Vote for This

Here, on June 7, 2009, we have an extreme weather event in Fort Collins, Colorado. Hailstorms seem to happen about once a year here, and when they do, fun is had by no-one. Most of today’s hailstones are definitely as … Continue reading

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Ben Hecht and Bill Haywood

Ben Hecht was both the most cynical and the most–well, uncynical–writer. He certainly knew about the mind’s ability to hold two different, contradictory beliefs at the same time. Hecht was all too aware of cognitive dissonance in himself and others. … Continue reading

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Become a Thumbtack in the Heel of Fascism

(Note from Hartman: I didn’t write this. I cut it from a newspaper on May 6, 1981 (that’s the date I stamped on the clipping – I don’t know what date it was published) and it now exists as a … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Death Trip

From 1885 to 1890, a photographer named Van Schaick exposed more than 30,000 photographic plates to record the life of a small American town. In Wisconsin Death Trip, Michael Lesy has blended a selection of these images with quotations from … Continue reading

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