Moving Target

Some things about the world

Table of Contents

A Great Mystery: The Tattoo
Always and Everywhere, Politics Suck
Always and Everywhere, Politics Suck – Part 2
Animal Hoarding – What the Hell Is That?
Art Teachers from Hell
Audio Book Narrators, oh puh-leeeze!
Ben Hecht and Bill Haywood
Carlos Castaneda – Media Worth Consulting
Carlos Castaneda and Drugs
Cats, Ron Mason, and Human Health
Chicken-Shit Pansy-Ass of the Year?
Church and Public School
Culture and Women: One Year After 9/11
Day 51 Revisited – The Mount Carmel Massacre a.k.a. “Waco”
Does Censorship Work?
Dude, I Called It — 9/11 Aftermath
Dude, I Called It — 9/11 Edition
Fire the Editor
Flagrant Insanity
For God’s Sake, Don’t Breathalyze the Judge!
The Frail in the Veil
Give Us This Day… What?
Giving, Government and God: One Year After 9/11
Great Lines from The True Believer
How to Be a Legend: Tina Modotti
I Didn’t Vote for This
Invention of the TV Talk Show in 1721
Lapin Story
Liabilities Into Assets: Success Guaranteed
Mommy, Why is the Flag Upside Down?
Nuclear Annihilation Insurance
Nuclear Annihilation Insurance Quotations
October 2001: Halloween
Panel 45W Line 48
Patriot: A Painting
Question Authority
Robert Graves, WW I, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sexism Starts Here
She Prob’ly Thinks This Rant is About Her
Shine the Light
Snitches and Headlights: One Year After 9/11
Stupid Media: Case Study
Surviving Carlos Castaneda
The Bush Years
The Death of Irony: Reports are Exaggerated
The Freakin’ Sad Pity of It All
The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays by L. A. Rollins
The Problem with Carlos Castaneda
The Tragedy of Premature Divahood
The WTF Network
Top Ten Linguistic Bloopers
Top Ten Linguistic Bloopers 2 and 3
Top Ten Linguistic Bloopers 4 – 6
Top Ten Linguistic Bloopers 7 – 10
Waco is a Four-Letter Word
What Should Be Done With the Judge?
What’s Up with Clarence Darrow?
What’s Up with Ernst Zundel?
When a Poet is More Than a Poet
Why I Said No to Earthblog and Ended Up Saying Yes Anyway?
Why Killer Cops will Keep Getting Away with It
Wisconsin Death Trip
Words and Towers: One Year After 9/11
World Trade Center Tombstones
Zeitoun by Dave Egger Wins Dayton Literary Peace Prize

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