Cult of Personality = No Good

One of the stupidest things that humans do is get hung up on ad hominem and ad feminam attacks on public figures. The Cult of Personality is one big sham that keeps us from looking deep enough to really figure out what’s going on, and it’s our own damn fault. It’s no good to complain about how anybody tries to manipulate out minds, when we’re so willing to buy into this personality bullshit. Every time we talk about a person rather than an idea, we’re capitulating, handing our minds over for brainwashing.

I don’t even know who Glenn Beck is, or what he does. I only know a lot of people are down on him, and feeling very sanctimonious about it. And I know this: Glenn Beck doesn’t matter. There will always be a Glenn Beck – whoever or whatever the hell he is. Here’s why. We’ve got things set up so there is perpetually a Glenn Beck role waiting to be filled. Five years ago, somebody else was filling it, and five years from now it will be another somebody else. Life is just one big video game. All these roles are built in, and different humans come along and sign up to fill them.

Their names don’t matter! Their clothes and hairstyles don’t matter! People: nobody’s hair matters worth a damn. No, not even Sarah Palin. Not even Hillary Clinton. It. Doesn’t. Fucking. Matter. Even their gender doesn’t matter, or what they do about it. It’s amazing, how folks will comment about the appearance, wardrobe, or sex life of a public figure, and actually delude themselves that they are partaking in political discourse. What they’re partaking in is a flashback to third grade.

Never mind pissing and moaning about Glenn Beck. Where are the ideas? Which of his beliefs are so odious that nobody should believe them? So, why do people believe them? What’s it gonna take to persuade them to believe something else?

Never mind the individuals, the personalities. For instance, one tin-pot dictator is very much like the next. There’s no point in endlessly analyzing any particular one of them, whether it’s Hitler, Idi Amin, or your boss. The thing is, going back to the video game analogy, how do we get in there and just take the tin-pot dictator role out of the game? That’s the challenge, not picking off these assholes one by one.

About Pat Hartman

Before publishing the two books "Call Someplace Paradise" and "Ghost Town: A Venice California Life", my main project was "Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics. " I wrote extensively for "Scene," a monthly arts and entertainment magazine with a circulation of 25,000. Also proofread, sold ads, put together the music calendar and, for a couple of years, served as editor. Presided over a couple issues of the local NORML newsletter, as well as being featured speaker at chapter meetings. Wrote a complete screenplay; collaborated on another one; worked on a couple of scripts (additional dialog and general brainstorming) with an indie film producer. Booked the talent for a large music festival. Wrote, designed, illustrated and produced various catalogs and brochures for small businesses. Spoke at a high school as a panelist on Women in the Professions; was a featured speaker at the 1991 Women in Libertarianism Conference; presented public programs on "Success in One Lesson" and "The Bloomsbury Group: What's It To Us?" Created the website and wrote many politically-oriented pieces for
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