Somehow the public doesn’t seem to be able to grasp the significance of the issue.
Herbert Scoville

How can we dispel the notion of some people that anyone will survive a nuclear war?
Dr. Yevgeni Chazov

“Duck and cover” don’t make it.
Anne Alexander

There is no plausible scenario for the use of nuclear weapons in a conflict between the two superpowers that does not carry with it the dangers of catastrophic escalation.
Kurt Gottfried, Henry W. Kendall, John M. Lee in Scientific American

Nuclear winter presents “a real danger of the extinction of humanity.”
Carl Sagan

Given a little carelessness, life on this planet may be made impossible.
Bertrand Russell

Unless we survive, there can be no just society or any other kind.
Roland N. Stromberg

What shall we do without us?
Kenneth Patchen

Had a dream, it was war
and they couldn’t tell me what it was for
but it was something they could lie about
something we could die about, you know.
Roger Hodgson

If they didn’t’ know what they were doing they wouldn’t be in Washington – and they’re not there!
Mort Sahl

I think the leaders of the freeze movement know more about these weapons systems than does the President of the United States.
Herbert Scoville

Whoever gives another the authority to act on his behalf, must accept personal responsibility for the results of that delegated authority.
Leonard Read

There are so many Sorts of Fools, such an infinite Variety of Fools, and so hard it is to know the Worst of the Kind.
Daniel Defoe 1724

I abhor two principles in religion…The first is obedience upon authority without conviction; and the other destroying of them that differ from me for God’s sake.
William Penn

…it is not thus, it is not thus,
it is not thus
that the whole round world is broken.
Kenneth Patchen

Those to whom the survival of mankind is more important than victory in the next election must strive to enlighten the public while there is still time.
Bertrand Russell

This organization has one goal and one goal only – to start the process of dismantling the nuclear weapons in order to protect life.
PRO-Peace statement

President Reagan would not have begun negotiating in Geneva nor discussed arms control with the Russians in 1981 were it not for the antinuclear movement in the US and Europe.
Herbert Scoville

My greatest hope is that my work may have contributed to the prevention of future wars.
Pablo Picasso

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