Case Study: Stupid Media

Under the “Trash Your Stylist” category, this tabloid included Sigourney Weaver with the following text:

The “Aliens” made her do it! No makeup, a shapeless dress – Sigourney’s a sci-fi sad sack at a New York bash.

First of all, I detect mascara and lip gloss, and it’s possible that Ms. Weaver used foundation also. These people want to see penciled brows, shadowed eyes, and lips of an unnatural color. To them, mascara and lip gloss aren’t makeup, in the same way that, to heroin addicts, marijuana doesn’t even rank as a drug.

She’s wearing blue, the color of the sky at oncoming night, and green, the color of growth and optimism. She looks comfortable, confident, and happy. What’s not to like?

About Pat Hartman

Before publishing the two books "Call Someplace Paradise" and "Ghost Town: A Venice California Life", my main project was "Salon: A Journal of Aesthetics. " I wrote extensively for "Scene," a monthly arts and entertainment magazine with a circulation of 25,000. Also proofread, sold ads, put together the music calendar and, for a couple of years, served as editor. Presided over a couple issues of the local NORML newsletter, as well as being featured speaker at chapter meetings. Wrote a complete screenplay; collaborated on another one; worked on a couple of scripts (additional dialog and general brainstorming) with an indie film producer. Booked the talent for a large music festival. Wrote, designed, illustrated and produced various catalogs and brochures for small businesses. Spoke at a high school as a panelist on Women in the Professions; was a featured speaker at the 1991 Women in Libertarianism Conference; presented public programs on "Success in One Lesson" and "The Bloomsbury Group: What's It To Us?" Created the website and wrote many politically-oriented pieces for
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