Cats, Ron Mason, and Human Health

Check out this video of a guy in LA being busted for having too many cats.

In the police briefing before the raid, they make this big fuss about triple gloves, and bleach footbaths, and how there’s urine and feces all over the property. Uh-huh, totally unlike the areas where their own dogs of war are housed, trained, and exercised. I’d love to hear from anybody who can verify that there are bleach footbaths in the LAPD’s K-9 facilities.

And the animals step in their own waste, the briefing officer notes, and track the germs around. I’m not crazy about that aspect of pet ownership. When a cat jumps out of the litterbox and then gets comfy on my pillow, I’m not happy. But it’s the same scenario millions of pet owners cope with in their lives. They just wash the pillowcase, or not, depending on personal taste.

You know what I worry about? People. I don’t like it when people use the toilet and neglect to wash their hands. I don’t like it when doctors go from one patient to the next without washing, and spread infection all over the hospital. I don’t it when somebody strolls over to the stove and tastes the spaghetti sauce and puts the spoon back in the pot. I don’t like it when people send their flu-sick kids to daycare. Though I certainly understand it.

The point is, more people get health problems from other people’s negligent spreading of bacteria, and polluted air and water, and from their own bad habits, than they do from animal germs. They get more health problems from eating animals than they do from taking care of animals. That’s not to say animal germs are desirable. Only that they play a relatively small part in the overall human health picture.

One uniform here talks about how having those cats is “not a sanitary way to live.” True, it’s less sanitary than maintaining a cat-free home. But – news flash – there is no sanitary way to live. It’s a shame, and we all do the best we can with it, but as long as we’re here on Planet Earth, our existence isn’t sanitary.

Threat to human health – you know what’s a threat to human health? The police. How many times do they descend like an invading army on non-violent citizens? How often do they carry out busts at the wrong address and kill innocent people? There aren’t enough electrons in this computer to cover the subject of what a threat to human health the cops are.

Excrement is a threat? Yes, it is. And the most copious source of excrement in this situation is the massive amount of bullshit spewed out from the mouths of these officials.


Animal Hoarding – What the Hell is That?

video of some people who have gone way overboard in response to the cats next door

and the whole story behind what you saw there

The picture on this page is by pkernaghan via this Creative Commons license


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2 Responses to Cats, Ron Mason, and Human Health

  1. edith englund says:

    I live on a farm and had usually about 6 outdoor cats. It’s a wild life area with many predators. I’m a former vet tech and have worked in clinics and managed hog farms…I have always loved animals so any injured animal would be taken care of here. When 2008 came and people started abandoning cats/dogs…my farm cats started to gain ground. Being retired and a caregiver myself, I needed to supplement their diet and found a meat market where I got liver..which I cooked for these cats because the population grew to 30. People were so brazen as to leave the cat in a carrier at the end of my driveway. So I started working with SNAP..spay/neuter clinic at discounted rates but it’s difficult to live trap and only can carry 2 in my truck at a time; so it’s a slow process. I had little success working with the local humane society where I usually was turned away because they were full. I took 4 kittens last month to them, finally, which they overtly were frustrated with me for that…I was nervous because one of the kittens had lost an eye and one was a runt. These two I cared for, brought to vets for medicine and got them healthy after 5 months of work. I wanted to see them occationally because I thought it’d help their transition…but they balked at that. On a third visit I insisted was then they told me that my little guy I brought in (neurologically challenged and previous vet said he had a slower heart rate than normal)…the shelter decided to neuter him and he didn’t survive. I got extremely upset..went to the board meeting…extremely my mind…who would put a kitten like that under anesthetic especially this kitten who would probably never reach full male maturation…this is a no kill shelter but I started realizing that if they saw a cat that was going to need added attention(money)..they’d neuter/spay as a way of moral euthanasia. This shelter didn’t even feel that badly about it and didn’t consider how I felt; afterall, they were doing me this big favor. Because I got upset … they will not allow any more of my pets to go there…but you can see why I really wouldn’t want them to go there anymore. Now I have to work with a humane society 70 miles away…another expense I really can’t afford..and when you ‘surrender’ (don’t you love that word) you’re asked to pay a fee. I suppose they’d call me a hoarder..what a bizarre system that’s at work here. Right now I’m getting ready to take 6 kittens there…and live trap 2 more next weekend for spay/neuter. I didn’t ask for this job…yes I get attached to animals I care for…I believe that’s normal in order to do a good job. I can actually see why some people just keep their animals and can get into a bad situation doing that but feel they haven’t any choice. All of these cats (barn cats) are extremely healthy and some are even a little over weight. My point is, if animal humane societies and animal rescue groups want to help…help with the spay/neuter, work with people who are trying to do the right thing…don’t address the situation down the road and then place the blame on others when they’ve played a large part in it. Afterall, I feel I got all of those drop offs because the local shelter turned people away and people are ignorant to the fact that leaving animals in the country doesn’t guarantee anything..a catch 22;story of my life.

  2. Pat Hartman says:

    Yes it is an extremely complicated situation with plenty of blame to go around and plenty of thanks also.

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